Our long-term perspective emphasizes consistent and thoughtful investment discipline, creativity in approach, activity and engagement, and developing strong partnerships with management and stakeholders. The foundation of our investment philosophy is underpinned by the following core principles:

Invest Right

We understand the difference between price and value. Value incorporates quality, timing, risk and compatibility with our experience and skill sets.

Leverage Experience

We have significant experience investing over several economic cycles. Maintaining longstanding relationships with key industry participants and highly capable operators is core to our strategy. These foundations help us make informed decisions.

Recognize Opportunity

We aim to identify attractive investment opportunities and find a way to get involved. We recognize that every situation has its own distinct circumstances. We are not constrained by structure and we work with our portfolio companies to find effective solutions.

Create Value

We embrace the hard work required to guide businesses through challenging times. We apply our considerable experience in special situations to assist our portfolio companies. We believe that our resources and active engagement create better businesses and drive better outcomes.